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The Inspiration Behind Becoming Coachable

Scott Osman

August 3, 2023

This week we would like to share an excerpt from Becoming Coachable’s introduction that highlights the early seeds of inspiration that sparked its creation. We wanted to write an evergreen book that speaks to those interested in doing the difficult, introspective, and ultimately rewarding work that produces impactful results.

This book is for those who are interested in working with a coach and for anyone looking to grow, to make a bigger impact, or live a more fulfilling life. When you become open to it, you will see that aspects of coaching happen everywhere: We receive feedback from our spouses, requests from our colleagues, and suggestions from our friends and family. When we engage with the formal and informal coaching process well, we achieve results that reverberate throughout the workplace, our families, our communities, and the broader world.  

If you see yourself or your team in the description of “the coachable,” we want to hear from you. How do you envision becoming coachable and changing your life?

With love, gratitude, and wonder,


Excerpted from the Introduction: 

I had been working on a book on coaching for more than a year. With the new insights, the collaboration with Jacquelyn and Marshall, and the support from my two coaches, the reason for the book became clear. Here I had been deep inside the world of coaching, had many friends who were coaches, and had access to the most remarkable talent in the world; yet, for the longest time, I did not know how to prepare for the journey. I did not know how to become coachable, and I suspected the same was true for many others. 

That intrinsic gap in knowledge was the inspiration for Becoming Coachable. Marshall, Jacquelyn, and I wanted to write a book for anyone looking to grow in their leadership. This may include those who are “coach curious” and have wondered how the world of coaching works, whether or not they’re already sure if it’s right for them. We also wanted it to be a resource for those who are in the process of being coached but are looking for additional insight into how to make the most of the relationship. And we want it to be relevant for those who have been coached before, who may be looking for a deeper understanding of the transformational power of coaching and how to independently continue their development.

Most importantly, you only have a limited number of years in your career. The sooner you become coachable and find a great coach, the longer you will enjoy the benefits of coaching in your work and personal life.

Experience has taught us that when most people express interest in coaching, they really want to become better at their job, usually by becoming a better leader. What they find after being coached is that they are not only a better leader, but they have also become a better human being. Such transformation is pivotal to our collective human experience. It is a refrain to which we will return often in these pages.

This book answers the question of what it means to be coached. How is it performed? How do you prepare for it and ensure it is successful over time, from the start to the finish of the coaching engagement? This book is intended to demystify the process and illuminate the path to personal enlightenment by emphasizing the point of view of those being coached—i.e., the coachable.

Becoming Coachable is available now for preorder on Amazon.

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