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Scott Osman — Founder & CEO

Scott Osman is the CEO and co-founded 100 Coaches in 2016 with Marshall Goldsmith. Since then, the 100 Coaches Community has grown to over 350 members and was recognized by Global Gurus as the #1 Coaching Development program in the world. In 2018, he created Methods by 100 Coaches, the online leadership academy. In 2019, after extensive research and recognizing a need for a new approach to connecting the world’s best coaches with the world’s top leaders, he created the 100 Coaches Agency.

In 2008, Scott designed and became the global head of the Purpose Strategy practice at Landor Associates (now Landor + Fitch) working with the largest companies in the world to align business brand and social responsibility. In 2011, he presented his best practice study on Brand Purpose, Dispatch From A New Business Horizon to a standing-room-only audience at Cannes Lions. He is the editor of Insights On Coaching (2019) and Leadership In A Time of Crisis (2020).

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