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The 101 on How 100 Coaches Agency Works

Jacquelyn Lane

April 5, 2023

From our humble beginnings of simply recommending coaches, we have developed a specialized approach specifically to support the unique needs of the world’s most impactful and most selective leaders. We call it curation, and it is based on our ability to understand the specific needs of the leader and our intimate knowledge of the skills, capabilities, and personalities of the coaches. 

Our high-touch approach, combined with our knowledge and friendship, has created a dependable approach to high-end leadership coaching. And our customers agree. We frequently hear that our approach has made it easier for them to find their coach, and they actually enjoy the selection process. Many of our coaches also appreciate that their coaching engagement begins from a better starting point, with the executive better prepared and in a better state of mind for their coaching journey. 

Here is how we describe our approach to prospective clients:

We understand how difficult it can be to find an executive coach. The 100 Coaches Agency was created to represent the best coaches in the world using our unique curation process to connect you with the right coach, simply, consistently, and delightfully. Our team would love to meet with you to discuss what you're looking for based on your goals and those of your organization. We are confident that we can do the same for you!

Here’s how our unique curation process works:


The process begins with an initial discussion with curators Scott and Jacquelyn to focus on your goals and understand where you feel your organization would like help. We share our view of how executive coaching is priced and consider your needs in light of your budget. 


Based on our conversation, we will recommend up to three great coaches who fit your needs. We will discuss the three coaches in detail on a follow-up call a few days later. All three of the recommended coaches will have confirmed their interest and availability. 


Next comes the “chemistry checks” where we arrange a call with each coach. On these brief calls, you and the coach will quickly determine if there’s a good fit for your needs. Our ambition is that you learn about yourself and the coaching process during these calls, and are confident in the coach selection when you make one.


Finally, we seek your feedback. If you feel that you have found a good fit with one of the coaches, we will make the arrangements to begin coaching. If something doesn't feel quite right, we will discuss your reservations and then make some further recommendations, all with the aim of finding the perfect coach for you.

Have additional questions or ideas? Have a client referral to send our way? Please contact me at, and I'm happy to help with all needs.

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