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Jacquelyn Lane — President

Jacquelyn Lane is the President of 100 Coaches Agency, an organization designed to amplify the collective impact of the world’s most iconic leadership thinkers and executive coaches. She is the co-designer of 100 Coaches Agency proprietary curation process and the company’s relationship-first philosophy. In her role as President, she oversees the growth and development of the Agency, serves as a critical pillar of the 100 Coaches community, and is a member of the editorial team that selects the authors and titles published in their new book imprint, 100 Coaches Publishing. 

Jacquelyn comes to the world of executive coaching naturally through her lifelong commitment to improving the lives of all people by elevating the quality of leadership. Previously, she held various roles in the energy industry during which time she developed deep insights into the perils and privileges of leadership. Throughout her experience in corporate America, academia, and the international humanitarian space, she observed a common thread - people issues were consistently the most complex and most overlooked. She knew that these problems were the ones she wanted to spend her life solving.  

Jacquelyn received her Master’s in Engineering for Sustainable Development from the University of Cambridge, and presented her Master’s Thesis on needs assessments and new solutions to support refugees in Greece. Through her work with vulnerable populations in Greece, Uganda, and South Africa, Jacquelyn has observed the impact of business on global development and human flourishing. She is a passionate advocate for conscious capitalism and entrepreneurship as a means to create sustainable solutions globally. As both a natural people person and systems thinker, Jacquelyn is committed to bringing the right people together to solve some of the world’s most complex challenges. 

She is defined by three key qualities:

  • Relationships First “Regardless of the person on the other side of the dialogue, Jacquelyn’s relationship-first approach is always evident. In a world that too often wants to build walls, she is exceptional at breaking them down, and building other people up. Her ability to be fierce and fragile makes her a superb partner, friend and a stellar human being.” Peter Bregman, #1 Executive Coach, author of Leading with Emotional Courage

  • Highest Quality “My partnership with 100 Coaches and Jacquelyn has been exceptional in large part to her commitment to the highest quality in everything she undertakes and delivers. There are few people I have worked with that combine diligence, dependability and creativity as she does. There is no doubt that my life is better because of Jacquelyn. I appreciate her work, her commitment, and knowing that I can trust that everything she touches will be of the highest quality.” Marshall Goldsmith, Hall of Fame Executive Coach, NY Times Best Selling Author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There and The Earned Life. 

  • Leading with Heart “Jacquelyn is one of those rare human beings that make each person she connects with feel like they are the most important person in the world at that moment. And that is because they are. Her heart and agenda are pure and she leads with clarity and intuition. Her ability to see people is peerless. She is comfortable with and belongs in the room with everyone from refugees to world leaders. I have known many amazing people in my life, and working with Jacquelyn, who I now call my friend, has been a great privilege.” Scott Osman, CEO and co-founder of 100 Coaches 

Together with Marshall Goldsmith, a 4-time New York Times Bestselling Author, and Scott Osman, CEO of 100 Coaches, Jacquelyn is a co-author of Becoming Coachable: Unleashing the Power of Executive Coaching to Transform Your Leadership and Life. It is a guidebook to coachability, the top leadership skill for ongoing learning and development both in one's career and life. Becoming Coachable was an instant Wall Street Journal bestseller, and the three co-authors have enjoyed speaking at events and on podcasts all over the world.

Jacquelyn graduated magna cum laude in chemical engineering from Oklahoma State University and received her MPhil from University of Cambridge. She developed a passion for rowing while at University and will be fulfilling a lifelong dream in July 2024 when she climbs Kilimanjaro with her mother. She is a voracious reader and welcomes anyone who would like to discuss the classics.

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