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[Q1] 100 Coaches Agency Internal Newsletter

Patrick Steichen

January 29, 2024

Gratitude is contagious.” This quote from our resident gratitude expert, Chester Elton, serves as a great reminder for me. In a time of year when I typically try to avoid contagions at all cost, Chester’s advice becomes particularly poignant as I reflect on another year gone by.

For my own social experiment on gratitude, I invited several members of our coaching community to share what they are thankful for. The range of answers was inspiring, heartwarming, and beautiful. In the spirit of spreading the gratitude “contagion,” I will be sharing a few of the responses with you.

Many coaches mentioned the gift of the 100 Coaches Community. In the words of Michelle Johnston, this group is her “beautiful tribe,” that brings a positive, inspirational outlook on life. For many, the community goes so much deeper than a gathering of coaches, leaders, and leadership thinkers. Dean Miles described the community as a gift of warmth that has provided comfort and motivation while emphasizing empathy in our interactions. Marshall put it simply in his response: “the wonderful 100 Coaches members [are] so nice to me and so nice to each other!”

Perhaps the most heartwarming responses revolved around the love and blessings of family. From Sanyin’s family trip to the Swiss Alps, to Heath’s daughters embracing adulthood, and to Navid’s encouraging and supporting family, our closest kin bring moments of great joy. Join me in celebrating some of the newest family members of our community, Connie’s granddaughter, Harlow, and Eddie’s son, Eddie III.

Of course, we would be remiss not to thank the often unnoticed and unsung people who improve our lives. Hubert Joly gave a special shoutout to all the frontline workers, the “superheroes” who take care of us day after day. Several coaches gave thanks for their continued health, a testament to teams of doctors, nurses, and healthcare staff whose work allows us to enjoy an active life.

As we navigate the complexities of life, let us embark on a journey of gratitude—one that transforms challenges into opportunities, and moments into memories. Embracing gratitude is not just a seasonal practice; it's a lifelong commitment to appreciating the richness that surrounds us. I hope you can join in sharing a contagious “thank you” to those around us who selflessly give.

From the entire 100 Coaches Agency Team, we wish you a blessed new year. As we seek to amplify the collective impact of the world’s most iconic leadership thinkers and executive coaches, this community drives our purpose. Our gratitude goes beyond a business partnership - we cherish the relationships that continue to bring us together and lead to flourishing. Thank you for an incredible 2023.



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