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Founder, EnergizeGrowth LLC

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Lisa Nirell — Founder, EnergizeGrowth LLC

Today's growth leaders feel increasingly overwhelmed. Many are expected to be brand stewards, AI experts, tech mavens, customer experience hubs, and mental health advocates. 

Marketing leaders and newly promoted CEOs hire Lisa Nirell to pursue a holistic approach to growth, while helping them make the leap from order taker to innovator. She helps leaders boost their confidence, focus and connections.

Clients also benefit from Lisa’s highly prized executive network. She collaborates with top global thought leaders and market disruptors who have created billions in new value. Her private peer communities provide safe havens​ for idea sharing, accountability, and collaboration. The Marketing Growth Leaders™ community and CMOs Leading Innovation Conferences (CLIC) offer additional value for her clients.

Here is what Lisa’s clients say about her impact:

Accelerates stakeholder commitment and team alignment: “Before I worked with Lisa, several key internal stakeholders did not support my promotion. Lisa and I started working together to help me improve my communications approach and build trust with these leaders. This feedback and feedforward process has revealed the real me. I am grateful for you, Lisa.” – Head of Marketing and Channel Sales, $38B technology firm 

Boosts CEO and CMO confidence and skills: “When we started working together, I faced big hurdles making the shift from a Fortune 100 environment to a startup. By applying her powerful questions and business models, I overcame those obstacles. Lisa showed me the incredible power of having the right advisers by your side.” – Feyzi Fatehi, CEO, Corent Technology

Delivers practical wisdom from growing multiple companies: “Had we not worked with Lisa on our growth plan, we would have lacked the capability and framework to exceed our 30% growth target. Lisa’s guidance was the big boost that helped us increase our valuation by 15X within three years.” – Chief Growth Officer, $150M technology firm

Brings mindful and strategic thinking to the C-Suite: “In Lisa’s CMO peer group, she leads a continuous stream of ‘mindful’ thinking. She is adept at facilitating strategy, people, implementation, and career development discussions. Her experience is a tremendous asset to any CMO.” – Tom Cole, co-founder, RDA Corporation 

Organizations such as AARP, CoStar, Google, Hilton,  and Schneider Electric have hired Lisa to attain comparable results.

As a Senior Partner at OnTarget, Lisa helped to grow the sales consultancy from $5M to $54M, which was later sold to Siebel Systems. She spearheaded new product marketing initiatives and sales strategies for BMC Software, earning “New Account Leader” and 100% Club awards.

In 2022, LeadersHum named Lisa one of the "Top 200 Voices in Leadership."The Mindful Marketer also earned "Top 10 Podcasts for CMOs" designation. She is also a member of Marshall Goldsmith's elite 100 Coaches community. In addition to being an HBR author, Lisa’s award-winning books include EnergizeGrowth NOW: The Marketing Guide to A Wealthy Company​ and The Mindful Marketer: How to Stay Present and Profitable in a Data-Driven World. Tens of thousands have completed her online courses across LinkedIn Learning, Skillsoft, and EBSCO/Accel5 platforms.

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