Himanshu Saxena

Founder & CEO, Center of Strategic Mindset

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Himanshu Saxena — CEO, Centre of Strategic Mindset

Himanshu features among World Top 100 Coaches in the category of Leadership Development, Strategy and Culture. Till date, he has coached 669 top leaders including 54 CEOs, globally. As a C-Suite Executive Coach, he plays the role of being a Sound Board, Thinking Partner and someone who can Hold The Mirror to generate insights for personal change. This impact has earned him a place among world’s Top 200 Leadership Voices in 2022 by Leadershum. He has twice been nominated for Thinkers50 award in the Coaching and Mentoring Category. In 2021, he also featured among 100 Global Thought Leaders to inspire, by peopleHum.

Himanshu is the Founder & CEO of Center of Strategic Mindset (COSM ™). His mission is to groom strategic minds who can deliver bold business impact and enable them to rediscover themselves and stay relevant. His organization, COSM is a leading thought leadership and consulting organization, focused on advising boards and CXOs on Strategy, People and Risk. He works with Promoters, Boards, CXOs and top leaders in the disciplines of managing vision, formulating strategy, developing top leaders, and enabling high-performance culture, characterized by ethics, empathy, and excellence

As a leading thinker, writer, speaker and coach, Himanshu enables leaders to ‘FIND THEMSELVES’, ‘ACCEPT THEMSELVES’, ‘CHALLENGE THEMSELVES’, ‘REWIRE THEMSELVES’ AND ‘PLAY THEMSELVES’ to the newfound reality and untapped potential. This is the coaching model that he has created to enable leaders find their peak potential and manifest it in a strategic manner.

As a Purpose Guru, Himanshu’s vision is to enable 25000 People to ‘Rediscover Themselves’, find their ‘Inner Calling’, and discover their ‘Purpose’ by 2025.

Prior to founding COSM, Himanshu headed Strategy & Leadership Development at a leading USD 20 Billion technology and outsourcing company. There, he was responsible for making strategy everyone’s job, strengthening the organic leadership, and driving the culture of coaching. His efforts of formulating and implementing strategy across 23 industry domains and enabling them to grow at 30% CAGR, led his organization to win the Hall of Fame award from Dr. Robert Kaplan & David Norton. For this initiative and effort, Himanshu was recognized as the Strategy Professional of the year 2012. He also instituted an integral coaching model based on Eastern & Western Philosophy. Himanshu’s three most significant organizational pursuits includes expanding the ‘Imagination of the Organization’ developing ‘Strategic Thinking’ among top leaders and enabling ‘Big Picture Envisioning’. Himanshu excels in scenario planning, war gaming and art of questioning for future creation. He operates at the intersection of strategy, leadership & culture and that is a rare differentiator.

Himanshu has driven multiple and significantly complex, personal and organizational transformation initiatives, leading to aspirational customer experiences. As a change architect, he has the knack of ascertaining the hidden intricacies pertaining to people, processes and systems that impact the productivity as well as operational excellence. 

In his long and illustrious career of 33 years, Himanshu has had six diverse and disruptive careers, ranging from being a geologist, serving in military, facilitating geopolitical negotiations in UN in Africa, being an entrepreneur, heading strategy and leadership development in a large multinational global organization, to now leading Centre of Strategic Mindset. This journey enables him to bring depth of expertise and diversity of experiences in his transformation pursuits.

He regularly writes in leading journals & portals, delivers keynote address in global forums, and teaches executives on how to stay relevant. Himanshu is now committed to replicate above success in organizations seeking aspirational growth; scale-expansion and reinvention and/or the ones that are struggling with issues that are hampering it.

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