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4 Necessary Qualities That Drive Leadership Today

Hubert Joly

August 4, 2022

To be an effective leader in today's business world, you need to have four specific qualities. These qualities enable you to create a sense of purpose for your team and drive them towards success. Here are the four qualities that you need to succeed as a leader today.

Value Driven

Leadership is a quality that many aspire to but few achieve. It takes more than simply being in a position of authority; it requires a deep commitment to values and the ability to instill those values in others. Trust is also essential; a leader must be able to trust their team to do the right thing, even when they're not looking. It's not always easy, but it's necessary. A value-driven leader surrounds themselves with people they trust and who share their values. This creates a strong foundation on which the leader can build an effective team that can accomplish great things.


Being vulnerable is a crucial part of leadership. It can be tempting to bottle up your emotions, but doing so can make it difficult for your team to trust and connect with you. When you're open about your struggles and emotions, it shows that you're human and that you're going through the same thing as they are. This allows them to feel more comfortable opening up to you, which is essential for leadership. Brene Brown emphasizes the idea that vulnerability is the start of a connection, and the connection is necessary for leadership. By being vulnerable, you're able to build trust and create a strong connection with your team.

Clarity on the who and the roles

Purposeful leadership is rooted in service to others. To lead effectively, you must first understand the needs of those you serve - whether they are employees, colleagues, or clients. Only then can you provide the support and guidance they need to be successful. This is especially important during challenging times when people are more likely to feel overwhelmed or uncertain. As a leader, it is your responsibility to provide reassurance and offer a clear vision for the future. By staying focused on the needs of others, you can ensure that your leadership is purposeful and effective.

To create momentum and energy within a team or organization, leaders need to be clear about their purpose and role. This clarity enables them to see possibilities and potential, even when circumstances are tough. They can then help others to see these things too, inspiring them to focus on what is important. A company's environment should also be conducive to creativity and innovation, enabling employees to flourish. When all of these factors come together, leaders can create real momentum and energy within their team or organization.


Purpose is essential for any leader in any organization. A person's purpose must align with the team's purpose as well as the company's purpose. If the three do not intersect or are at least understood, then purposeful leadership cannot exist. Leaders need to have a clear understanding of their values and how they fit into the function of an organization to provide purposeful leadership. When a person's values align with the team's purpose and the company's purpose, they can provide effective and inspiring leadership. However, if there is a misalignment between the three, then it will be difficult for the leader to provide effective leadership. Purposeful leadership is essential for any organization to achieve its goals.

Inspired by The 5 Principles of Purposeful Leadership by Hubert Joly

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