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Global Executive Coach PCC Leadership & Change Facilitator

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Reeta Nathwani — PCC Leadership & Change Facilitator

Reeta works internationally with CEOs and board directors to achieve greater Success, Fulfillment and Legacy. She has a strong track record across all sectors and a known reputation for her work with individual executives, boards and top teams. She is a Leadership Coach with a direct and inspirational style and is known for growing leaders”. Reeta’s life purpose is to have leaders achieve inspiring performance in their organizations through intelligent emotions and bringing values alive in the work place.

She is a Certified Emotional Intelligence & Solution Focused Coach, with a wealth of practical coaching and assessment qualifications. She brings a strong background in behavioural and organizational change from her time in Mars Confectionery and over 21 years of consulting experience. She also draws out lessons learnt from challenging experiences of working globally. She encourages her clients that she coaches to also lead by example, have courageous conversations and give inspirational feedback.

Reeta is an active committee member of the BoardAgender in Singapore “BoardAgender is a conscious and concerted initiative to raise awareness on the economic benefits of an inclusive and gender-balanced business. BoardAgender encourages and enables more women to contribute their expertise in the boardroom and committees. Reeta is a mentor with the Cherie Blair Foundation and more recently was invited to be a coach on the Queen Elizabeth’s Young Leaders Program at Cambridge University. She was selected to be the Chair for International Coaching Week 2016 Singapore.

Her approach has been described as “insightful yet open, challenging but not aggressive.” She has a pragmatic and outcome-focused style, which she combines with strong commercial acumen. Reeta achieves her satisfaction and pride from delighting her clients and working towards generating “Real Results”. She recognizes that successful leaders within organizations need to have the ability to operate and inspire across all facets of the business. This enables her to have the ability to work with individuals and teams in helping them focus towards common goals of the organization.

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